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Raja Baharin's bitter experience
By Dewi Murni Mohamed

"What has she done with my children?"

A deteriorating Malaysian-Australian marriage explodes when the Australian wife takes the children to Australia and refuse to return. For seven years, Raja Bharin fights his wife and the Australian Family Court, first to regain custody, and when that failed, to maintain reasonable access to his children.

But, it is a losing battle: his visits are tightly monitored and increasingly stifled by his now ex-wife. Finally, comes the last straw-without his knowledge, his Malaysian born Muslim children are baptised as Christians and theirs names changed...

Enter Bryan Wickham, a stranger who would selflessly risk his life and freedom to help reunite the family. Together, a plan is hatched and the stage is set for a dramatic escape from under the watchful eyes of Melbourne to the family's tranquil hometown of Kuala Terengganu.

A desperate flight that would tahe them thousands of kilometres across the vast of Australia and the Indonesian archipelago by road, sea and air.

This dramatic true story by Raja Bahrin and Bryan, features: *A reveting true story of the trials and tribulations a devoted father goes through to reunite with his children again.

*A journey into the unlikely friendship between a Malaysian architect of royal blood and an Australian oil rig toolpusher who selflessly helped his Malaysian friend.

*A story so intense revealing paternal love, friendship, court battle and a traumatic escape from Australia.

*This story is a plea for understanding between two different cultures: Malaysia and Autralia.

About Raja Bahrin Shah: Born in Kuala Terengganu in 1955. He graduated in architecture at the University of Melbourne in 1981. His major works include Terengganu's "Floating Mosque" and State Museum Complex, two popular tourist attractions today. After his two children's safe returan, Raja Bahrin decide to build his family's own resort, The Aryani Resort, named after his then youngest daughter.